Sharing Information from Sports Reference makes it easy to share the data on the site. Via the SHARE link above every table you can now slice and dice any data table on the site and re-use it elsewhere (we just ask you keep the citation to where you got the data).

  • Find the data you want to share.
  • Click on the SHARE link just above the stats next to the header (javascript required).
  • graphic showing where the share button is
  • A sharing toolbox appears and buttons to delete columns and rows appear allowing you to pare the data down to just want you want.
  • Please note that any sorting should occur before you delete rows or columns.
  • Next select the output option from html, to iframes, to pre-formatted (good for most internet forums) and more.
  • If we don't have the format you want, let us know via our feedback form.

You are free to use this data anywhere, we would just ask that you include the citation at the bottom of the table as a courtesy to us for providing this service.